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Legend of the Seeker, 2x22 “Tears”


  • # 6 (Day 19) The Betrayal and The Heartache 

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and both Helena and Barbara would become quite familiar with this aporhism, as their friendship blossomed.

After Helena realizes that Barbara was manipulating her while she was infiltrating a cult that worships superheroes, everything unravels and comes out into the open on a plane ride back to headquarters.

Helena then abruptly and tearfully exits from both the team and the aircraft, Barbara is left to contemplate her methods, as — even if her actions were well intended — she realizes the error of her ways, and tries to win Helena back onto the team.

She later finds ways to make it up to Helena, and eventually wins her confidence back.

The subsequent story is a painful one, but it’s one that serves a purpose, as it imparts the message that friendships can go through great trials, and occasionally, your friends will make mistakes and betray you. But a good friendship is strong enough to weather those storms, and if the bonds are strong enough, it can endure whatever obstacles life throws at it.

Birds of Prey #80

Smallville: Season 11 #68 (2013)


Legend of the Seeker, 2x22 “Tears”

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Cynthia you have survived on the show longer than any female character. What’s your secret to your longevity?

Its interesting because myself and Ellen Hollman who plays Saxa, we are the two returning ladies. But we also have some really fabulous new female characters that I think the audience is really going to embrace. I can’t say much about them but you know its been great.

comics meme: five female characters. (3/5): natasha romanova. “it’s not the length of a life that matters, just the depth of it. the chances we take. the paths we take. how we go on after our hearts break. hearts always break. and so we bend with our hearts. and we sway. but in the end, what matters is that we loved, and lived. ”

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