She's not narcissistic she's defending her race? Which is exactly what you're doing? Defending your race. She's right, you shouldn't group all white people together as you shouldn't group all black people together. Or asian people. Or any people.


White people “defending their race”

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Black people “defending our race”

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White people “defending their race” reinforces white supremacy and brutal exploitation and violence against black people and other POC. Black people “defending our race” is about instilling race pride and protecting ourselves against white supremacist violence which constantly degrades us as a people.

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I don’t think you could

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The difference between DC and Marvel







How DC ends their movies:



How Marvel ends their movies:







More proof of my belief most people who hate MOS didn’t even pay attention when they watched it. (IF they watched it at all) 


I haven’t finished yet but i’ve been watching the Marvel movies and counting all the times the heroes and villains kill ON SCREEN in them. Here’s the count so far.

Iron Man: 73       Obadiah Stane: 21    Ivan Vanko: 7  Mandarin: 11

Pepper: 2

Hulk: 7       Abomination: 19

Thor: 42 (Actually closer to 70 but he was the hardest to count cause he kills the most amount of people on screen at once.)

Loki: 22       Malekith: 17

Captain America: 30 (not counting The Winter Soldier yet, still need to watch it.)

Red Skull: 10

Black Widow:1 (still not counting TWS yet)

Hawkeye: At least five. The cuts during the Helicarrier attack are too quick to get a proper count.

War Machine: 4

Superman kills ONE person to save the whole goddamn world and you people crucify him for it. Yet every Marvel hero with the exception of the Hulk (THE FREAKIN HULK, OF ALL PEOPLE) have slaughtered way more people than the villains of their movies!! You people complain about how “grim” and “dark” Man of Steel is. But you fail to realize that the MCU is much more darker. You just can’t see that because Marvel shrouds their movies with a thin veil of humor. 

Now before you bitch to me about Black Widow saying Loki killed 80 people in two weeks in The Avengers, here’s some food for thought.

I only counted on screen deaths. It’s impossible to even hypothesize how many people died in city destruction or what-have-you. If you want to count it. Please be my guest. Congratulations, he’s just BARELY a better murderer than Iron Man.

I love the MCU. It’s a lot of fun to watch. But I also love Man of Steel. And I think the problem with you uppity fan people is that you fail to realize that MoS actually made it feel like the world was at stake. Do you reallllly think Iron Man alone could keep all the invading Chitauri within a three block radius? By himself? How long was that wormhole open? How stupid would that make the Chitauri? How convenient was it that the nuke Iron Man led into the wormhole just shuts off the remaining Chitauri all at once. How convenient is it that only one person (maybe) dies on screen during the Chitauri invasion. At least people died at the hands of the villain in MoS. That’s what the Marvel movies lack, a sense of danger. 

Man of Steel has plenty of issues on it’s own. But, the destruction of Metropolis, killing Zod, and it’s “darkness” are not one of them. 

Now one more point. Superman stands for truth, justice and THE AMERICAN WAY right? Right. 

Now consider this. In The Avengers, the government was willing to blow up the island of Manhattan with a nuke to keep the invasion from becoming worldwide. That’s fair. And i’d say it’s a pretty fair assumption the American government would do that in a similar situation in real life. 

So if the American government is willing to kill for the greater good of the country, or the planet. And Superman stands for the American way. Then shouldn’t it be okay for Superman to kill (remorsefully, mind you) one person if said person threatened to kill everyone on the planet, having no other means of stopping him? 

Just think about that.

What ticks me off is how some Marvel fans unleash the full force of the MCU against the lone movie of Man of Steel. You know it’s kinda unfair that you pick the best parts of a 10 film franchise then choose the “worst” parts of a single film you hate. DC doesn’t have a cinematic universe yet.

But overall good commentary. I think Sups killing Zod is justified a lot.

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life goals:

financial stability
cute face
cute butt
a little scary

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That white person bingo is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen. It's just trying to throw away true things. Okay, he didn't deserve to die, but the family lawyer did say that there was an altercation, meaning he probably attacked the officer, resisted arrest, or something. YOU DON'T DO THAT. I don't give a shit if you're black and I'm tired of everyone making this out to be because of that. A white person was shot near Ferguson and we don't hear anything about that. SHUT THE FUCK UP


"Okay, he didn’t deserve to die, but…"

You ALMOST had it. There is no “but”. He was surrendering and didn’t deserve to be shot 6 times. Period. End of story. 

"he probably attacked the officer, resisted arrest, or something. YOU DON’T DO THAT."

You’re right, you don’t resist arrest. But resisting arrest doesn’t grant a police officer the right to kill you after you surrender. 

Also, here is your white person Bingo results:

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X-23: Innocence Lost

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When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victicms.









via The Huffington Post.

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Again, there is no such thing as cis privilege, and female reality matters



I hope by “triggering” the bug means “uncomfortable for females because it forces us to address our cisprivilege” but somehow I think I will be disappointed.   

What misogynist bullshit to suggest that we should feel guilty for having been born female.  As if we’re not made to feel uncomfortable because of it every day!

After spending several months reading trans activists in an attempt to understand exactly what they want from us, I’ve figured some of it out.  These observations don’t describe all trans women, merely the ones who drive the pomo/queer studies-influenced transgender activism that dominates the public discourse on this issue.

Trans women activists write with the assumption that the gender-identity based discrimination they face cannot be addressed without erasing sex-based oppression of females.  This is completely untrue, as both concerns can be addressed congruently.  The question is why trans women take this extreme stance.

Part of it is that they can’t be regarded as female in the sense that biological females are unless female as a sex class ceases to exist.  It’s not good enough for them to be considered women, they’ve got to be seen as female in every sense that biological females are.  Trans women are deeply threatened by females discussing their physical realities that trans women don’t share.  They want us to shut up about everything that doesn’t involve them.

This attitude comes from unexamined male socialization and male privilege.  Like most males they expect women to defer to and cater to them.  As evidenced by their indifference during the recent congressional fight over reproductive rights, they don’t care much about issues that don’t directly affect them.  Trans women have also demonstrated that they’re too lazy and entitled to do their own political work, hence their entryism into liberal feminism.  As Andrea Dworkin wrote, males expecting females to drop their own issues and do men’s political shit work is nothing new. 

One way in which trans women erase sex-based oppression of females is by refusing to name male violence as a problem.  They instead talk about “cis violence,” when it is overwhelmingly males who perpetrate violence against both trans women and females.  This serves to spread the blame for male violence against trans women to females, which is not only cruel and inaccurate, but makes it impossible to address the real source of oppression.

Additionally, the Tumblr trans community and their allies have no understanding of what actually constitutes privilege.

“Cis privilege” makes no sense as a political theory.  For cis privilege to be analogous to male privilege or white privilege, females would have to benefit directly from trans women being born in male bodies.  We do not.  We would have to benefit from the discomfort they feel.  We do not.  Quite the opposite, because they use their dysphoria as an excuse to force us to pretend that we don’t exist as a class and have nothing in common with each other!  Additionally, we do not hoard all the cis bodies to keep them to ourselves, as rich white males hoard money and political favors.  The sex you’re born in is just the roll of the dice. 

Females are also exempt from cis privilege because female is not a privileged class.  Being born on planet earth with body parts that men seek access to and control over is no privilege.  That’s what the War on Women is about.  Our biology, not our gender expression.  Express your gender any way you like, but it is a gross expression of male entitlement to accuse females of privilege for being born in a female body.

Another thing the privilege-checklist flogging Tumblr Tots don’t understand is that there is a difference between structural oppression and not getting what you want.  Being born with a male body is not structural oppression.  Sexual dimorphism in humans is not a construction of the patriarchy.  The patriarchy is not to blame for the hormones that flood our bodies at puberty.  Intersectionality does not mean that everything that makes you unhappy is a form of structural oppression.

Internetwinnage, quoted above, is deferring to male entitlement.  That’s understandable, because females are socialized to put the needs of others before their own.  Please understand that billions of females are oppressed due to their sex, not their gender identity, and that the feelings of first world trans women are not more important than that reality.

I would have to agree with Katie Berger Tremaine that it’s very hard to reach a compromise with trans people like her who possess such a deeply flawed conception of intersectionality and privilege theory, and a continued denial of male socialization.  However, radical feminists are willing to try.  As Cathy Brennan said:

I respect trans women as women, and believe they deserve, like all humans, access to employment, housing, and public accommodations. However, they are not female, and any protections for trans women must be fashioned to ensure they do not infringe on the rights of females. Females have an absolute right to set a boundary based on sex. What suggestions do you have for ensuring just treatment for trans women and females?

Trans women do not get to erase male violence and arbitrarily name an oppressed class to be their oppressor class without at least some of us in that class fighting back.  They need to understand that sex-based oppression of females exists.  They also need to understand that females get to discuss issues that do not involve trans women.  We don’t have to keep silent about our own experiences to make you happy.

Otherwise it’s no dice.

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Ferguson from my TL- August 18 (2/3)

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